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How I got into the habit of meditating every day

I’ve meditated pretty much every day for over three years now.

Before this, I meditated here and there. Sometimes fairly frequently, sometimes not at all. I would normally look for guided meditations, because I felt I didn’t know how to meditate on my own.

But that completely changed when meditation stopped being about unwinding and relaxation for me.

Once it became about connecting to my inner being, connecting with my intuition and listening to my deeper needs, this completely shifted how I approached meditating. And I found ways to make it work as a consistent practice that was personal to me.

It really stuck once meditation was no longer a “habit” I wanted to form, but something I genuinely just wanted to do. Something I didn’t want to go without.

Because here's the truth about meditation that not enough people share:

All the fact and figures about its benefits for reducing stress, improving concentration and boosting wellbeing are wonderful.

But above all, what meditation gives you is a better connection to yourself. The opportunity to fade out all the noise and tune into the clarity of your own inner voice. To hear your true needs and listen to your intuition.

But humans do love to overcomplicate things. We like to think we need all the right mantras and hacks to come home to a bit of stillness. We convince ourselves that we need factual correctness to back us up, instead of simply letting ourselves close our eyes and focus on our breathing for a few minutes.

Forget all the postures and techniques.

Drop the notion of “quieting your mind”.

Simply close your eyes, focus on your breathing for a few moments, and listen within.

Really listen to yourself, without judgement or resistance.

Hear your needs. Understand yourself.

That’s all the meditation you will ever really need.

P.S. if you haven't joined my 21-day meditation challenge yet, check out all the details here.

Disclaimer: The information in this post, and all of my other blog posts, is provided for general information purposes only.


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