My purpose

Throughout my career, I’m fortunate to have worked closely with senior leaders across the public and private sectors. How leadership impacts lives has always been a significant interest and area of study for me. But what motivates leaders has struck me most of all. Our subconscious patterns and beliefs not only influence what we think we’re capable of, but also what drives the goals and ambitions we pursue. 

My own subconscious patterns and beliefs drove me to chase after status and prestige for too long, because - like too many of us - I felt deep down that I wasn’t enough without this validation. Sadly, many leaders are driven to seek positions and titles for similar reasons.


Waking up to the truth of my higher potential and doing the deep inner work to support this (and the parts of me that felt disconnected from it) changed everything for me. I tapped into my purpose and found true fulfilment. 

I've created my coaching programme, Untethered Leadership, because we need more conscious leaders to step up, for the greater good. My intention is to support these leaders to reconnect with their purpose, to do the deep inner work to break through any patterns holding them back from owning their higher potential, and to step into the impact they're here to embody. 


How I work

I offer a holistic and intuitive approach, bringing together coaching with deeper personal development work, to support sustainable inner transformation.

I’m a certified coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) practitioner. I’m also an Accredited Member of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists).

My coaching training has included mindset work, shadow work, inner child work, elements of NLP, and coaching in line with International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards. 

I'm also a certified meditation teacher. I incorporate meditation tools to help my clients connect with their purpose and intuition, and center themselves in the present. 

As an intuitive coach, I allow myself to be guided by, and support my clients to tune into, the higher wisdom we all have access to - our own intuition. Einstein called our intuitive guidance a sacred gift. Every answer you need lies within this sacred gift, so I consider supporting my clients to access and trust their intuition the most important and best part of my work. 

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Career background

As far as my career background goes, I started out working as a primary school teacher. I then moved on to spend a few years in the political and press office of a London-based embassy before working in the UK Parliament for a Member of the House of Lords. After this, I led on Public Affairs for two London business groups. 

I initially started my coaching business with a focus on helping female professionals incorporate more well-being and fulfilment into their career planning, before pivoting to focus on supporting conscious, purpose-driven leaders. 

Nadine has really helped me to gain clarity on my goals. She is very intuitive and knew exactly what to do through coaching and RTT, helping me make major life decisions.

She is an amazing person who gives you more than you would expect - she will go the extra mile to help you.


She has played an important role in my transformation and I’m so grateful to her for this.

Gagan, UK

This was my first encounter with RTT, and I loved it! Nadine has an amazing presence. 

I’ve been struggling with stress and overwhelm and with the RTT she helped me find some of the roots of these emotions and how to begin the process of letting them go. 

Directly after the session I felt so relaxed and calm, and the core of the negativity felt as if it had been lifted. I have since felt a noticeable difference in how I react to stress.

Josephine, Sweden

Nadine has the most wonderful, calming aura. She is so good at holding space for you and guides you along your path to your conclusion gently and reassuringly.

If I could only have one coach for the rest of my life, I would choose Nadine..

Maree, UK

What I stand for

Unity consciousness


I believe we all emanate from one, single consciousness, and that collectively, we form this single consciousness. While we are each individual expressions of this consciousness, we are not separate, and no superiority or inferiority exists. Humanity has created and perpetuates a tapestry of hierarchy, division, separation and polarity (and I am not blind to the impacts this has on individuals), but I believe this is not our core truth. Recognising unity consciousness means seeing beyond separation, seeking to untangle the damage that's been created, and calling in a world where we all thrive and can reach our higher potential as a collective. 

Honouring our paths of growth 

Each of us has our own unique path of learning, growth and overcoming. And this is a core part of the contribution and experience we embody - our purpose. Each challenge and obstacle we face is part of this journey, and part of our evolution towards experiencing our soul’s highest potential. With this perspective, we're able to understand ourselves, our experiences and other people with greater compassion and acceptance. 


Recognising that we're each on a growth path means accepting human imperfection with compassion. We’re particularly conditioned to judge ourselves harshly, but practicing non-judgement enables us to see the purpose within the challenges of our learning and overcoming with greater clarity. Judgement of others is only ever a deflection of self-judgement, and when we can see ourselves without judgement we’re better able to let go of judging others. Of course, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't call out wrongdoing when it's important to do so.