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I'm Nadine Saad, your 
Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Teacher


I help you and your team navigate stress with clear, calm minds.


I’m a certified Corporate Wellness Coach, certified Mindfulness Teacher, certified Meditation Teacher, certified Life Coach and certified Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) practitioner.


I’m an Accredited Member of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists).

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How I work

I incorporate practical mindfulness tools into wellness coaching, to help you cultivate calm at workso you can focus better, boost your overall wellbeing, and manage stress more effectively.

About my 
CALM framework

I've distilled key mindfulness tools and concepts into everyday steps, to help you declutter your mind, focus on the here-and-now, and process your thoughts and feelings more clearly.



Getting centred in the present moment, so you can restore balance in times of high stress.



Taking steps to better understand and support your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing with mindful awareness.



Cultivating peace of mind by learning how to effectively let go of barriers to inner calm.



Incorporating day-to-day mindfulness for whenever you need to restore a sense of inner peace.

"Nadine has the most wonderful, calming aura. She is so good at holding space for you and guides you along your path to your conclusion gently and reassuringly.

If I could only have one coach for the rest of my life, I would choose Nadine.".

Maree, UK

Why mindfulness?

I believe that achieving a more balanced sense of wellbeing calls for a holistic approach. There's no cure-all solution, but mindfulness gives you both a framework and a toolbox for fostering better mental, emotional and physical wellness.

There's data to back this up. Studies show that mindfulness can help you manage stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, insomnia and physical pain, and that it can also improve job performance, resilience and team interaction. These are just some of the benefits that have been researched.

I've personally found that the more I applied mindfulness, the better I became at approaching my life and wellbeing. It's become an everyday practice for me and I can't recommend it highly enough. I've shared more about this here.

Career history

Prior to the work I do now, I started out working as a primary school teacher. I moved on to spend five years in the political & press office of a London-based embassy, before working in the UK Parliament for a Member of the House of Lords. I then led on Public Affairs for two London business groups during 2017-2022. 

mindfulness workshops

If you and your team want to learn how mindfulness can help you feel clearer and calmer in times of high stress, this workshop is packed with practical tools and information. You'll learn how our natural stress responses work and everyday steps you can take to restore and maintain a sense of inner balance.

coaching packages

I offer bespoke wellness coaching, delivering tailored packages for your team or organisation. I get to the heart of your wellness needs, work with you to identify the right solutions, create a clear plan of action, and directly support you and your team to boost overall wellbeing.  

Privacy policy

I am registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office to comply with data protection regulation. Full details of my privacy policy are available here.

"Her style of coaching is thoughtful and precise, and really helped me uncover the root cause of what we were discussing. 

I came away from our time together with a better understanding of my own way of thinking and solutions for the future.

I would highly recommend her!"

Olivia, Italy

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