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mindfulness workshops

Giving you and your team the tools to navigate high stress feeling clearer, calmer and more centred.

It's normal to experience some day-to-day stress.

But tight deadlines, competing demands, performance pressure, and the effects of our busy lifestyles on our overall sense of balance can have us feeling on edge...


With minds racing, fretting over spinning plates or workloads, and struggling to switch off.

And when we finally do relax, we're too tired to enjoy the moment and it can be hard to reboot our motivation. 

How my 
CALM framework
helps you

I've packaged key mindfulness tools and concepts into practical steps, to help you and your team navigate high stress feeling clearer, calmer and more centred.



Learn techniques to centre yourself in the present moment, so you can restore balance in times of high stress.



Take steps to better understand and support your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing with mindful awareness.



Cultivate peace of mind by learning how to effectively let go of barriers to inner calm.



Leave with practical strategies for using mindfulness tools whenever you need to restore a sense of inner peace.

What you'll learn

With my CALM framework, you'll learn tools, meditations and practical information to help you:

Calm racing thoughts and declutter the mind to boost clarity, improve your focus and feel able to relax more easily

Let go of past/future worries and get centred in the here-and-now, so you can take action and make decisions from a calmer, clearer perspective

Feel your emotions without letting them run the show

Recognise and manage some of the physical effects of stress, e.g. on your breathing and muscular tension, to feel calmer in your body as well as your mind


It's ideal for you if...

You're invested in supporting your team's wellness

You and your team are interested in learning more about mindfulness and how it can help you better manage situations and/or states of high stress

You want to learn practical ways that you can apply mindfulness to boost your overall wellbeing


I tailor the workshop to suit your needs and schedule. However, it's best delivered either as a short series of 1-2 hour sessions or as a half-day workshop.

I can deliver this on-location or online, subject to time zone and locational availability.

Why mindfulness?

A number of research studies highlight the benefits of mindfulness to our mental, emotional and physical wellness. Here are a few examples:

It helps deal with stress, anxiety,

burnout and depression 

It can boost focus and problem-solving, and has been linked to better job performance and

team interaction

Additionally, UK Members of Parliament who took part in mindfulness courses found this helped boost resilience, helped with stress management and helped them deal with disagreements more effectively.

It's not a cure-all fix, but it gives you a set of practical tools for boosting overall wellness and cultivating inner calm.

Get started

If you'd like me to deliver a CALM workshop for you, get in touch using the form below so we can discuss this in more detail.

I respond within 72 hours. 

Thank you for getting in touch!

About me

I'm Nadine Saad, your Wellness Coach and

Mindfulness Teacher.

Mindfulness has improved my wellness so much that I can't not share it with others. I developed the CALM framework to help you navigate stress with a clear, calm mindso you too can focus better, manage your thoughts and feelings more effectively, and come back to inner stillness whenever you need or want to.

I'm a certified Wellness Coach, certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and Accredited Member of ACCPH.

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