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How to get unstuck and restore motivation - sustainably

If you’ve tried everything but still feel deflated, demotivated and stuck in an emotional rut, read on!

There comes a point where that “drive” to push on forward just becomes more and more soul-crushing… because that drive no longer stems from our most aligned place.

Logically, it makes every bit of sense to power through and keep charging on. Because that’s just how we’ve been conditioned to work through the lows: put on a brave, professional face and press ahead.

I get it, because I’ve been through this too. Pushing ahead with power moves on the surface when I was actually burned out and feeling upset underneath it all.

Of course you want to continue to work towards your dreams. Of course you want to keep that spark of motivation alive. And so you should.

But deep down, when that still, small voice of our intuition pulls us to go within—to listen more closely to the parts of ourselves that are tired and hurting—trying to ignore this voice just keeps us stuck in a low. Disconnected. Drained. Burning out easily. Feeling lost or depressed. And this isn't easy to climb out of.

The one reliable solution I’ve found for truly helping people out of a slump, above all else, is this: stop pushing against it and start listening.

If it’s physical fatigue you're feeling, that’s often your body telling you that it needs to slow down. Or highlighting a physical need for you to pay more attention to, like more of the movement, rest or nourishment it needs.

If it’s an emotional slump, that’s often a sign of deeper unresolved feelings that need to be acknowledged and processed.

Consider that this slump or feeling of stuckness might be a symptom, not the root problem itself. And if it is, the most sustainable and effective way out is through.

This starts with taking an honest look at what we’re feeling, and caring for this at a deeper level. Tuning into what might be happening under the surface, to understand the root cause more clearly.

I've always found that when I take the time and patience to address the root cause of a slump, my energy and motivation restore naturally—and this boost is always so much more sustainable than if I try to plaster over what I'm feeling and soldier on.

It's not the easiest route to take. But it's one of true self-care.

Disclaimer: The information in this post, and all of my other blog posts, is provided for general information purposes only.


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