Work with me

I'm Nadine Saad - a certified coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) practitioner and meditation teacher.

I take a holistic approach, combining coaching with deeper personal development tools to help conscious leaders take a purpose-led, mindful and intuitive approach to their life and work.

My current offers are listed below. I'm always open to collaborating on new projects if they feel aligned, so do get in touch if you'd like to discuss working together on a specific proposal.


Untethered Leadership

A six-month 1:1 coaching journey for the conscious leader who wants to reconnect with their purpose and lead from impact and service. 


Untethered Leadership is an immersive coaching programme, designed to help you dig deep into your vision of the leadership you want to embody, develop the self-trust to step into creating the change you're here to effect, and break through patterns holding you back.

This is for the leader who knows there’s a much higher purpose to leadership than getting to the top, being appointed to boards and building a personal brand. The leader whose identity is not tethered to status or prestige - who desires to be fully grounded in their integrity and personal power.

Mindfulness workshops and guided meditations 

If you'd like to give your team the gift of calm and the opportunity to gain tools to feel more centred and grounded, I offer both guided meditations and mindfulness workshops. 

To arrange a session or package, contact me directly so we can discuss what would work best for you. 

For a taste of what I teach, check out my mini coaching series and guided meditation for being grounded in the present moment here.

Get clear on your purpose

Your purpose is not something that needs to be "found". Deep down you're already clear on your purpose - and I help people to tune out the noise and tap into this clarity.

I offer deep-dive workshops to help people connect to their purpose, digging deep into the contribution and experiences that shape this.

I provide these workshops for teams, but from time to time, I also host similar workshops as private group coaching sessions. 

Get in touch to discuss arranging a workshop for your team or to register your interest ahead of my next private workshop.