Untethered Leadership

If you're a conscious leader who wants to reconnect with your purpose and lead from impact and service, this coaching programme is designed for leaders like you. 

Untethered Leadership is an immersive coaching journey to help you crystallise your vision of the leadership you wish to embody, break through patterns that don't serve your higher potential, and develop the self-trust to step into creating the change you're here to effect.

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The full programme

In this immersive 1:1 six-month programme, we'll work through the following six phases, combining coaching with deeper personal development work:



Breaking old patterns


Authentic success


Connecting back to your purpose, anchoring into the impact you're here to create and what embodying this purpose means to you. This will start your journey off with a deeper connection to the gifts, life experiences and contribution that hold your purpose, and a clear focus on which to build.

A purpose-driven leader needs much more than sets of goals and habits. You need a crystal-clear, holistic vision for your life and work, grounded in the type of leadership you wish to embody. After this phase, you will feel clearer about how your purpose aligns with the life you want to lead and what truly matters to the impact you're here to create.

This is where we dig deep to understand the root causes of patterns, fears, limiting beliefs and imprinted conditioning that may hold you back. Using tools such as shadow work and Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT), we will work through these subconscious drivers to support holistic, sustainable inner transformation. This will give you a clear awareness to work through what’s been driving your patterns, pursuits and behaviours - without blame or guilt.

True authenticity and personal power require stepping into full self-acceptance and integrating the whole self. Here you will be supported to hold this space for yourself, developing a deeper level of emotional awareness and self-trust. This will give you the tools to navigate challenges and decisions with a greater understanding of your own needs, a stronger connection to your intuition and a strengthened ability to trust this inner guidance.

Getting clear on your own authentic definition of what success as a leader means to you, anchored in your purpose and vision. This phase will support you with fully owning your higher potential, untethered from the need for any social conditioning of external validation or recognition. 

Looking ahead to your way forward as you embody your vision of impactful leadership. Here we will focus on integrating and taking action on all of the inner work and envisioning you've done so far. This will set you in the right direction for navigating future situations and decisions in alignment with your purpose, truth and intuitive guidance. 

Who it's for

This is for the conscious leader who knows there’s a much higher purpose to leadership than getting to the top, being appointed to boards and building a personal brand. 

This is for the leader who doesn’t want or need their sense of self-worth to be tied to validation of status or prestige. The leader whose identity is not tethered to their achievements - and who desires to be fully grounded in their integrity and personal power.

This is for the individual who wants to lead from impact and service, fully anchored in their authenticity. The leader who’s prepared to share their truth unapologetically, and lead untethered from social and cultural narratives, norms and conditioning.


This is for you if you're willing to lead from behind, knowing that being a conscious leader means lifting and supporting others.

Who it isn't for

If you’re looking for a training course on organisational leadership or management, this is not what Untethered Leadership offers. This is a package of 1:1 coaching, designed to support leaders to develop individual clarity and do deep personal development work as they move in the direction of their unique potential. 

This programme is not for, and will not support, anyone who sees pushing and proving through manipulative, hierarchical or competitive tactics as a path to success. 

This programme is also not for anyone who hopes to join with the aim of adding an attractive bullet point to their resumé. My purpose as a coach is to support inner transformational work, not to facilitate box-ticking exercises.

Working together

Each coaching session is held once every two weeks throughout the six months, and we'll move through the programme's phases at a pace that's right for you. The length of the programme and frequency of sessions are designed to support sustainable outcomes and integration. 

This is a 1:1 coaching programme, so each of these sessions is your safe space, where I will support and challenge you to dig deep and connect with clear vision and purpose.


Sessions will be held online, meaning we can work together wherever you're located (time zones permitting).

Higher-level access package

I'm now offering the option of a higher-level access package, in which you can receive weekday direct message support in addition to the programme's coaching sessions. 

This added support will give you more direct access so I can help you to work through anything that comes up in between our fortnightly coaching sessions. 

Why I created this programme

People are ready for more conscious leaders to step up.


We need more purpose-driven leaders creating a positive ripple effect, not for personal gain, but for the greater good. And we need these leaders to feel enabled to own their authenticity and fully trust in themselves and their intuition. 


If this sounds like you, my intention with this programme is to hold space for you to connect back to your purpose and truth, supporting you to develop a clear vision for your impact and what successful leadership means to you.

Optional extension

If you want further ongoing support with accountability and working through challenges and decisions beyond the six months of this coaching, it will be possible to bolt on 2-4 additional months to extend the duration of the programme.

Your investment options


Payment plan available:

6 monthly instalments of £2,700



Payment plan available:

6 monthly instalments of £4,500

How to get started

If you're ready to reconnect with your purpose and step into the impactful leadership you want to embody, please apply via the link in this box. 

It's vital that the aims of those I work with align with the purpose of this coaching programme. If it feels like a good fit, we'll arrange a chat to talk through your goals and how I would support you more thoroughly.

About me

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I'm Nadine Saad - a certified coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) practitioner and meditation teacher.

I take a holistic approach, combining coaching with deeper personal development to help conscious leaders take a purpose-led, mindful and intuitive approach to their life and work.

I support my clients to dig deep into what drives them on a subconscious level, and fully connect with what matters most to the impact they're here to effect.