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Giving your wellbeing the restoration it deserves.

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You're ready to pause.



You're ready to restore calm within your mind, body and soul...

Whether you're feeling exhausted, stressed out, or would simply love an opportunity to centre yourself.

And that's exactly why I'm hosting this event - which I'll be keeping concise, efficient and to-the-point.

What you'll receive

This mini online retreat will give you just the mindful pause you need to create space for your wellbeing.

I’ll be sharing practical tools, teachings and meditations, guiding you to:

Centre your focus in the present moment

Tune into your intuition

Tune into your wellbeing needs

Process your thoughts and emotions more clearly


6-7 May 2023

Depending on which works best for your time zone, you can either join at:

8:00-9:30am London time (GMT+1)


3:00-4:30pm London time (GMT+1)

What we'll cover

Day 1 (May 6)

Part 1


Let go of past/future worries and get centred in the-here-and-now. We'll open by getting grounded and anchoring into the present moment.


Part 2


Allow over-analysis and stressful thoughts to take a back seat. We'll be calming the mind, tuning out the noise and leaning into our intuition to boost clarity.

Day 2 (May 7)

Part 1


We'll start Day 2 by harnessing the mind-body connection to relax any discomfort and tune into your physical wellbeing needs.


Part 2 


Restore inner calm by allowing your emotions to be felt mindfully. We'll close by holding space for emotions without letting them run the show.

The logistics

Sessions will be held live in a small group setting. 

You can join from a laptop, tablet or desktop. 

 Find a comfortable space where you'll be undisturbed, and join at the time which works best for you on both days. 

Ready to join?

Cost: £20 per person

If this mini retreat sounds like just the replenishment you need, contact me directly to register.

Registration closes on May 4th.

You can either contact me by email


or message me via one of the social media channels below. 

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

About your coach


I'm Nadine Saad - a holistic coach helping high achievers thrive from a place of wholeness. I give them the tools to hear their intuition more clearly, cultivate emotional peace and anchor their self-leadership into a deeper, more sustainable sense of balance.


I'm a certified coach, meditation teacher and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) practitioner. I'm also an Accredited Member of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists).

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