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Why mindset work doesn't help you shift certain emotions

I see so many people getting frustrated when mindset tools - aimed at adopting a more positive state of mind and reframing old, limiting beliefs - do nothing to help them deal with certain emotional states.

And I can completely relate to this frustration.

I used to wonder what I was doing wrong, and why I seemed so incapable of feeling any better. I would try my best to get myself into a more positive state, doing my utmost to push negative thoughts aside and power through slumps determinedly. Mostly to no avail.

But the more I delved into emotional healing, and learned what was happening at a subconscious level, it became increasingly clear to me that working on my mindset wasn't the solution I'd been needing.

Deeper-seated feelings need to be understood at that deeper layer.

If your feelings of anger, sadness, shame, emptiness, anxiety, or despondency stem from deeper-seated pain, mindset work can end up stuffing these emotion down.

Taking steps to change your state, writing gratitude lists and repeating positive affirmations can address some of the discomfort for now, but this isn't a sustainable solution. The feelings remain under the surface, and when they rise back to surface, we find ourselves stuck in a loop of frustration.

Also, temporary in-the-moment relief can distract us from seeing the genuine needs these emotions are trying to highlight. Like the unresolved grief that might be buried beneath that heavy sadness. Or the unseen abandonment wounds that could be manifesting themselves as anxieties.

I’m not trying to belittle mindset work.

It can be a brilliant complement to deeper inner healing. It certainly helps us direct our focus for growth and achievement. And sometimes, shifting our thoughts, self-talk and beliefs about what's possible, is just what we need to get unstuck.

But when emotions have deeper roots, it's important to reach deeper than mindset tools will go. So we can see the parts of us that are hurting more clearly and understand what’s beneath this pain.

This is where we can experience the substantive shifts we’ve been seeking.

Clarity. Healing. Peace of mind. Self-acceptance. A deeper understanding of (and connection to) ourselves. As well as the ability to let go more peacefully.

If you're ready to heal the deeper layers beneath the emotions that have you feeling stuck, I invite you to check out Emotional Wisdom.

Disclaimer: The information in this post, and all of my other blog posts, is provided for general information purposes only.


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