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How to overcome fear: a path to self-awareness

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is something I somewhat misunderstood until this past year.

I'd previously mistaken this phrase to mean: live with or try to ignore the fear and do it anyway.

But I was completely missing the point here.

So I took big steps in working on my coaching practice, but the fears kept affecting me. They held me back from going further and taking the really big, bold leaps I truly wanted to take. I’d give into imposter syndrome and play smaller than I wanted to. Or when I made the bolder moves, I struggled with fully trusting and believing in myself.

The word FEEL is there for a reason.

Feeling the fear means fully acknowledging what you’re experiencing, giving yourself the space to process these fears and better understand them.

Because in doing so, we develop a deeper, more authentic understanding of ourselves and where these surfacing fears are rooted.

And we allow ourselves the opportunity to move forward in our growth and evolution towards our higher potential.

This can require a lot of courage. The bigger the truth we want to speak up about, the bigger the purpose we want to embody, or the bigger the impact we feel beckoning us, the bigger the fear tends to be.

But our fears hold invaluable awareness about our subconscious patterns, imprints and conditioning.

And when we attempt to bypass them, we miss out on incredible opportunities to grow through them and evolve.

Each time I’ve sat with my fears, fully acknowledged them and given myself space to understand them, these fears have gifted me with a deeper self-awareness - which has only served to build my self-trust as I continue to evolve and unfold more of my potential and purpose.

If you’re ready to take that big leap, try not to bypass the fear this time.

Acknowledge it in its fullness.

Reflect on its presence and what lesson it may be there to gift you with.

That’s truly feeling the fear, doing it anyway and moving into more of your potential.

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Disclaimer: The information in this post, and all of my other blog posts, is provided for general information purposes only.


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