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Welcoming new beginnings: a heavy feeling of endings

The beginning of this year felt quite heavy, especially from around mid January through early March.

I know I'm not the only one who's felt this. I’ve heard and sensed it repeatedly from others too. People feeling wiped out, edging towards burnout, and all the rest of it.

New beginnings

As we start a new season post-Equinox, it’s important to acknowledge this heaviness. Particularly at a natural time of new beginnings.

Spring has always been my favourite season. A time when you notice the days getting a bit longer and brighter. The air feels fresher. Nature fills up with vibrant colour. It’s a natural time of renewing optimism and energy.

It’s nature’s time of rebirth. And we feel this rebirthing within us too. I’m certainly feeling it.

But I am no advocate of false positivity. New beginnings can often be preceded by uncomfortable endings - seasons of letting go and closing old chapters.

It's important to honour this.

Looking back to earlier in the year, within the heaviness, I experienced a weighty depression. This is a very tough state to go through - it’s not the first time I’ve experienced it by any means. And this can be hard to admit to experiencing when you're in an industry or role where you feel a certain pressure to look like you have it all together.

Thankfully, I have been blessed with the knowledge, tools and support system I need to work through moments like this.

I took a step back. I let myself feel what I needed to feel, and prioritised supporting myself through it.

This doesn’t mean it was any less comfortable or difficult, but I could see a way through. And I have ensured I’ve received the replenishment I’ve been needing to refill my cup.

Now, I can welcome a new season.

I want to help you replenish too

I’ve felt it’s important to share with others the tools that support me, at times when life feels heavy, or when it feels as though we’ve been run through a spin cycle. Because we all go through times like this, no matter how good life gets.

The tools that help me to ground. Anchor back into the peace that’s available within us all.

Restore peace to mind, body and soul. Restore emotional peace.

Find my centre, and replenish from within.

I’ll be sharing these tools in a mini online retreat I’m hosting soon, with practical, actionable teachings and guided meditations to help you find your anchor of calm within.

If this sounds like the replenishment you’ve been needing, full details are available here.

Disclaimer: The information in this post, and all of my other blog posts, is provided for general information purposes only.


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