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Mindfulness workshops &
guided meditations

Why mindfulness?

Research shows that mindfulness practices, particularly meditation, can help with stress reduction, managing anxiety, improving sleep and concentration, and supporting emotional, mental and physical wellness in other ways. 

Above all, it supports you to become present to your moment-to-moment needs and experiences, helping you respond with greater self-awareness and inner calm.

How I can help you

I provide practical tools, rooted in traditional mindfulness, which you can integrate into your everyday life to boost wellbeing and clarity. 


I have outlined below some of the key topics and aspects of mindfulness that I can focus on.

I tailor the length and content of all sessions to meet the needs of your team or group. I can offer sessions that range from half-hour guided mediations to longer workshops that include more in-depth talks and guided exercises. 

Guided meditations

Understandably, many people find the idea of meditation daunting, assuming that they must completely switch off all thoughts to meditate. This is simply not true.

I guide you through easy-to-follow meditation exercises that you can repeat in your own time - supporting you to bring your awareness into the present moment and helping you to feel more peaceful and grounded.

Try one of my guided meditations here

Focusing on the present

Being in the present moment means that your awareness is focused in the here-and-now. You are present to your own needs, you are present to the tasks at hand, and you are present to those you are working with or spending time with. 

When our awareness is not in the present moment, we can find ourselves much more easily scattered, overwhelmed, distracted, and anxious.

But being in the present moment helps to boost out impact, productivity and well-being.

I share more about the importance of presence in this talk.

Mindful wellbeing

Traditional mindfulness teaches us to be present to our emotions, our thoughts and how we feel physically - without judgement. 


These mindfulness practices support our wellbeing by enabling us to better listen to and understand our needs, so we can ensure they're met. They also help us process our thoughts and feelings more clearly. 


Through guided exercises, I teach practical tools to help you apply mindfulness to boosting your wellbeing and self-care.

You can find an example of a talk I've shared on being present to, and working with your emotions here.

About me


I'm Nadine Saad - a certified coach, meditation teacher and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) practitioner. I'm also an Accredited Member of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists). 

I give high achieving professionals practical tools to cultivate and anchor into a deeper sense of inner calm.

Get in touch

If you're interested in arranging a group mindfulness session or package of sessions, please get in touch directly and let me know how I can help you.

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